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Kovach hunting ground is located in Strandzha mountains, 40 km away from Burgas. The altitude of 400 m (average) allows for a unique biotope, peaceful hunting and varied game - wild boar, roe deer, deer, wolf, etc.

Ancient forests, combined with multiple game fields and comfortable stalking ponits offer successful hunting of wild boar (chase, stalking), roe deer (stalking, chase), deer (selective) and predator - wolf, fox, jackal.

Kovach hunting ground has three hunting fields: Smradlokov Bair hunting field with area of 1566,3 hectares, Ovoshtna Gradina hunting field with area of 1951 hectares and Kalenoto Kladenche hunting field with area of 1378 hectares. It is located in the largest protected area in the Republic of Bulgaria (1161 sq km – 1% of the area of the country). It covers the Bulgarian part of Strandzha mountains, bordering Turkey to the south and Black Sea to the east. Its proximity to the continent of Asia makes it unique in terms of both the biodiversity, which is exclusive for Europe, and in cultural and historical aspect.

Kovach hunting ground is located on the banks of Veleka river, which is the largest and longest river in Strandzha mountains (147 km). The river springs from Demirkapu peak in Turkey and enters Bulgaria with beautiful gorges. It is densely covered with branches in its upper stream, has a rocky bed, many swift currents and rapids. It crosses the karst here. The banks of the river have ravines, cliffs and precipices. This part of the river is accessible to tourists from the localities Kovach and Petrova Niva, as well as from the village of Stoilovo.
It changes its appearance after the village of Zvezdetz - it calms down, the river valley widens, its inclination declines sharply, beautiful meanders appear. It takes in its larger tributaries Mladezhka Reka and Mechi Dol here. After Kachul locality the tributaries become rarer and the water catchment, mainly in winter and spring, comes from the ravines Varli, Grahilov, Kamenski, Yazmenski, Trionski, Vlahov and Elenitza river.

32 fish species have been established in the river of Veleka - Balkan trout, Black Sea roach, chub, minnow, gudgeon, Crimean barbel, Rezovska bleak, spirlin, bitterlings, river eel, racer goby, etc. Three species of ichthyofauna of the river have been recorded in the Red Book of Bulgaria - Black Sea roach, Rezovska bleak and river eel.

That is why Kovach hunting house is perfect for the development of recreational fishing.
Golyamoto Kale fortress is situated in immediate proximity, it is perhaps the largest Thracian and Late Antiquity fortress on the territory of the Bulgarian Strandzha mountain, there are


The population of the red deer is local from the most ancient times. What is characteristic of the Strandzha deer is the great weight of the body – up to 350 kg for male species, the massive horns, studded with many pearls, as well as their dark colour. The weight of trophies reaches 14 kg.


Roe is the name of the species. As a term, however, we call this the female animal, while the male is called deer. Last year roe deer is called yearling or yearling fawn, and those from the previous year - last year's (annuals, yearly) fawn.

The roe deer is a graceful animal. The males have horns, while the females have no horns and are a bit smaller.

Wild boar - SUS SCROFA L.

The wild boar is ubiquitous throughout the area of Kovach hunting ground. The weight of the wild boars reaches 250 – 300 kg and the length of the trophies – 28 - 30 cm.


Wolves are social predators and hunt in packs, organized in a strict social hierarchy and led by an alpha male and an alpha female. Initially it was believed that the aim of this social structure was the hunting of animals, much bigger than the wolf. According to some new theories the functions of the pack are associated not so much with hunting, but with successful reproduction.


The jackal is much smaller than the wolf. The length of its body reaches 80-85 cm, that of the tail - up to 25-30 cm and the height at the withers - 45-50 cm. Its weight is usually 12-14 kg, rarely more than that. Males are slightly larger than females.

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